5 Projects for Inkjet Transparency Film

1. Floating Ornaments

Floating ornaments, often for Christmas, are the most popular project these days! 


It’s an amazing way to commemorate loved ones, milestone moments, or sharing a loving message. 


You can see a couple of examples from some of our customers here! We love to share your work!


For a step-by-step guide, click here to learn how.

2. Invisible Cards and Window cards

When all the holidays come around, what better way to customize a card, than to make a transparent one from your transparency film? 


You can see the really great idea below on creating a custom card for the christmas holidays! 

And what about window cards? This is where you can combine the transparency with other materials to make really memorable creations like the one below.


Check it how it was made here. 

3. Resin Art & Pendants

Resin art and transparency film work incredibly well together! 

One of the benefits of transparencies and resin is the clarity that can be maintained. You can print beautiful images and art on the transparencies and use them on everything from pendants to wall art. 


Here’s a great tutorial from Resin Obsession outlining the steps in making a pendant. These steps and processes can be applied to other projects as well. 


Click here to see their full article.

4. Faux Stained Glass

A really unique way to use transparency film is making faux stained glass. It can make a wide variety of images and shapes because – you can print whatever you want! 


Here are two beautiful, different takes on this project.

Learn how to make this beautiful art here.

5. Make 3D Butterflies

Want a beautiful decoration for your indoor plants? 


How about these creative 3D butterflies?


You can modify the video technique and use creative print designs to make them as creative as you want. 

Bonus: Customer Ideas

Here are some really cool ideas that our customers have shared with us! We always love to receive and share these. If you have an image you want us to add or share, sent it to us! 


In the meantime, happy creating! 

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