About Us

In a nutshell...

We’re a family-run business inspired to support creators. We do this the best we know how – having integrity and standing behind our products. 

Products we trust for our family

At Octago, we only produce products that we’d use for our own family. We focus on quality – not compromising health by using cheap chemicals and plasticizers. 


Our products go through a rigorous quality control process before they ever reach you. That means this is something you can proudly tell your friends and customers!


We are sad to see how many products on the market use lead, phthalates, BPA, BSP, and other harmful chemicals just to cut costs. Even well-meaning companies don’t do their due diligence on their manufacturing processes.


We wouldn’t want that for our family, so we refuse to allow it to be used for yours.


That’s why we go above and beyond regulated requirements and always test our products through third parties to ensure their quality.

Customer Service & Support

Yeah – we know. You hear “customer service” all the time from companies as they use chatbots, leave you hanging for a response, or give you a canned responses.


We are different. Our commitment to you – your voice will be heard – always.


To us, that means we personally respond to every single email (yes, a real human). Someone will take the time to read and respond to your email in a thoughtful, detailed manner. That’s why it might take us a day or so to respond – but we will!


And if we messed up, we always work to make things right. We always note your feedback and use it to constantly improve our services and products so they can be better for you and everyone else! 

Community focused

When the idea of Octago Products started, we wanted to not only support our family, but also support our customers and community. And, of course, have fun along the way. 


This journey has proven itself to be even more meaningful and exciting than we thought. Many of you have shared genuine and heartfelt messages of support, projects, and creative ideas. Those moments always make our day! 


We are strong believers in community and supporting small businesses. We know that small businesses are vital for our future – for people to develop new ways to earn a livelihood through their hobbies and passions. It’s the way of the future as we look at the landscape of fewer jobs and higher costs. That’s why we strive to support other small businesses with resources, support, and pricing for small businesses.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out and join our Octago Community – our journey of sharing joy, creativity, and positivity with the world!

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