Octago Small Business Program

Awesome benefits

This is a program for small businesses, developed by small business. We have a huge array of benefits, including:

  • 20% discount on your next product purchased
  • Bulk discounts
  • Learn to make more money on your projects
  • Resources & project ideas to help grow your business
  • Early access to new products

And yes, so much more.  

This is what I've been waiting for!

Bulk discounts

We know that when you have a small business – every dollar counts. We also know you buy more of our products than the average consumer. 


How can we help out our amazing small business partners? By providing great discounts to save costs of course! Get special access to bulk order pricing right away.

Learn to make more money with your passion

You love what you do. But you just don’t know how to make money, or how to make more money. 


Octago has always been commited to giving back to other small businesses. We know the joy (and challenges) of starting and running a business. 


That’s why we want to provide you with the best resources we can to start, run, and profit from your amazing passion


We are continually building a resource library and information to help you succeed in bringing your passion from hobby – to small business. Where to sell, how to price, which products are best, and more.

Grow your business

Maybe you’ve already started and are moving to next steps in your business. Things like profitability and growing your business become increasingly important. 


We’re still here to help! We provide resources to support your marketing, designs, product ideas, pricing, and much more! (yes, for FREE).

Did you say cash?

Yes! We have a referral program that helps small businesses like yours earn money by spreading the word about the products you use and love!


The gist of it is – when you refer people to our website, if they use a certain link, you get paid when they buy. It’s that simple


We love your support and want to reward you awesome people!

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